The Yeha Explorer

A table of language tags used in Yeha is available here.

  Djibouti Eritrea Ethiopia Kenya Somalia
Adari     ad_ET    
Afar aa_DJ aa_ER
Agaw     qi_ET    
Amharic     am_ET    
Bilen   by_ER      
Chaha     gy_ET    
Gedeo     dr_ET    
Ge'ez   gz_ER gz_ET    
Hadiyya     hd_ET    
Oromo     om_ET om_KE  
Sidama     sx_ET    
Silte     zg_ET    
Sodo     gr_ET    
Somalia so_DJ   so_ET so_KE so_SO
Tigre   bd_ER      
Tigrigna   ti_ER ti_ET    
All locale data is presently being migrated into an XML structure.Unlinked locale identifiers indicate where data is available but has not been prepared for presntation (but will be when XML migration has completed).